Smoking Weed 101

If this is your first time to smoking weed, then you just come to the right place. Welcome to Bud Express! We have a variety of cannabis products on display, and choosing the one to buy and try can be a little overwhelming. Let us help in finding the product for you.

Finding the perfect strain

According to studies, cannabis originated from Central Asia. This plant traveled in the different parts of the world. It was planted and cultivated in different environments, resulting to changes in its physical and chemical characteristics. These plants are now known as the landrace strains. People experimented with the landraces and crossbred various combinations of male and female plants to produce new strains. These experiments were the reason why we have a growing variety of cannabis plants today.

Smoking weed 101: You get to choose

Knowing facts about Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid can help you in choosing the strain or the product that is perfect for your need or want. Take note of the fact that an indica is more like a sedative strain, while sativa is a stimulating strain. The hybrid stands between the two, and hybrids are mostly bred for all manners of effects from downer to upper. Most weeds are actually hybrids.

Another important thing to consider in deciding on what to consume is the strain’s terpenes and cannabinoids like THC, CBD and THCA. Sometimes, instead of focusing on choosing between indica and sativa, you can ask yourself what do you want out of your high? Is it relaxation or better sleep? Do you want to feel more aroused, energetic, and euphoric? Try to figure out what you want and choosing the perfect strain for you is just around the next corner.

What’s your flower?

Flower is still one of the crowd’s favorite form of cannabis. People still go with going a little traditional, and buy flowers. You can too, but long go are the days when a plastic bag or loose herbs was your only choice. If you’re smoking weed for the first time, we suggest not to overthink on the quality of the flower. Yup, it sounds a little confusing but as long as you are purchasing from a legit and licensed brand retailer like Bud Express, you can be rest assured the product has a tested and proven good quality.

What’s your flower? Are you looking to roll a joint yourself, or you want to try pre-rolls? Did you buy a bong and imagine how exciting it is to use that bong for the first time? Whatever you choose, to light up, you be needing at least one gram of flower, a grinder, and a lighter or a match.

For your first-time smoking weed, try to consider pre-rolls. All you’ll need is just a lighter or a match. It’s simple and budget-friendly. Check out Bud Express’ menu before finalizing your choice. You can surely look for the items that fit your taste, experience, and your budget. We always offer quality products at affordable prices. See our deals to know more!

Get high for the first time

Now that you have your weed and you know how to use it, let’s talk about the high. How will you deal with your high? In dealing with a high you can get something to eat, hydrate your body, and find a comfy place for a successful trip. If your high become more intense that what you expected, do some low-stakes activities to bring your cognition back. You may also avoid this scenario by starting with one or two puffs and waiting for fifteen minutes before starting again. Feel the obvious and subtle sensations. Live the experience. The next time you visit a bud dispensary, you’ll know what you like and what you don’t.

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